Stuff I Like

This list could be changed, amended and what have you at any point, and does not mean I agree with all thoughts represented on the below pages:

Miami Kerr blogging from China – funny and interesting blog from a strange Geordie in China

The Late Tackle Blog – Witty blogging on football from all over the world, but primarily England and Germany

True Faith – Fan-magazine and website featuring thought and opinions on Newcastle United. Occasionally plays host to articles from the author of this site – never to be confused with the actual club website, this is both informative and witty. The prime source of actual news regarding Newcastle United

NUFCThreatLevel – Hilarious and surprisingly perceptive blogging about Newcastle United. Possibly very offensive to fans of other clubs

Sportfreunde Berlin 06 -The football team I play for in Berlin. If you read German, or know how to use Google Translate, you will often be able to find out why I was substituted in our last game. Before I do.

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