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  …Or how to solve a problem like Shola… Shola. Shola Ameobi. The Fenham Eusebio. The Pendower Pele. What is it about the man who has divided the opinions of Newcastle fans ever since his debut in 2000? 182 starts … Continue reading

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Blog Update Number 1

  …Or how to achieve success by following the author into the very heart of football bloggery… Well hello again, loyal readers. Welcome to the blog that has quite literally set the internet ablaze in its 27-day existence. In case … Continue reading

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From the Outside, Looking in

  …Or an Arsenal fan’s view of Newcastle… **Special Guest Post** (this means no pictures with bad captions relating to yesterday and no mention of Shola Ameobi’s love of hats). Written by Haynesy, an Arsenal fan and mate. He is also … Continue reading

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