Blog Update Number 1


…Or how to achieve success by following the author into the very heart of football bloggery…

An artistic interpretation of this blogger's response when asked to bring football bloggery of great intensity to the people of the internet. Yesterday. 27 days ago.

Well hello again, loyal readers.

Welcome to the blog that has quite literally set the internet ablaze in its 27-day existence.

In case some of you are here for the first time, drawn here by the way the football establishment has risen up in arms against the forcefully expressed views contained on this groundbreaking site, threatening the very livelihood of some of football’s most prominent names, I have only one question for you:

What took you so long?

That was rhetorical, mind. I don’t care about the answer. All that matters is that you are here now, dear sweet reader. And together we will accomplish something great. I recently had a dream that prophesised untold riches for me and my legions of followers. Stick with me, boys and girls, and together we will go as far as a Titus Bramble mishit.

So far you will have missed eight posts, combining both old and new articles, the brand new and the rehashed lovingly updated. Where else would you find an article on playing in goal in the Berlin Freizeitliga followed by an essay-length, fact-based criticism of England’s Michael Owen. Hell, there was even a guest posting by Haynesy, that walking warning of what happens when you agree to get tattooed for the sole reason that a mate half-heartedly suggested it…

Such variety.

And long may it continue. And I promise you, dear readers, that it will continue. I have lots of ideas for future entries – more than you could shake a stick at (if you are particularly inclined to shake sticks).

If you have been following from the beginning, you will notice that I have changed the blog title from ‘To be Conformed’ – which I was actually really fond of – to the winning reader contribution, ‘Wor Man in Berlin’.

This makes sense as I’m in Berlin, and it is a rip-off of ‘Our Man in Berlin’, with a little bit of Whitley Bay flavour added.

So, the winner of the Mars Bar for the new blog title suggestion is…

Drum Roll…

Neil Cranswick.

I think this man has a bright future. And you will too, dear reader – all because of Your Man in Berlin.

Did you see what I did there?


Anyway, the Mars bar presentation ceremony will be held when I get paid next. I expect that I will have a live feed on this website.

Naturally, you are all invited, dear readers.

Until next time.

Neil Cranswick
Blogger Extraordinaire*

*Please note that this title is still self-conferred, and has not yet been awarded by a person holding a position of responsibility in the internet.

About Neil

28 years old. Geordie. Lived in Berlin almost three years. All-round canny lad.
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