Hello lads, lasses, ladies, gentlemen and robot conquerors of humanity,

The old site, which was just a glorified holding page to advertise my teaching services (and was about as visually stunning as the current sunderland away kit), has now gone. I’m not doing any teaching, and haven’t in ages, so it was a bit of a waste. I can’t imagine me doing any more teaching anytime soon, either. Too busy.

Anyway, I thought I can use this site to store my writing (which is primarily about football, to be perfectly honest, as well as stuff that I find funny), and then at least it will be more valuable than my previous web offering (my phone numbers and some naff flags the size of a pin-head).

Anyway, this will change quite a bit soon, as I get the hang of this site.

I’m also asking for suggestions for a website name, ideally something of a pun on a football term, and a free mars bar may be winging its way to whoever comes up with the best suggestion.

Or it may not.

About Neil

28 years old. Geordie. Lived in Berlin almost three years. All-round canny lad.
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