Blog Update 2

…Or how to mask a lack of ideas by reliving memories…

I don’t really have a lack of ideas. Hell, I don’t really lack good ideas either (microwaving a Cadbury’s Flake in its wrapper was more of the former than the latter, however. Probably a good thing I don’t have a microwave in my new flat, come to think about it…)

Anyway, nothing really happens until July 1st when the transfer window re-opens. Officially, at least.

On that thought – have you ever notice how the transfer window ‘slams shut’, but is never slammed open? Strange, isn’t it.

But I digress.

Newcastle have apparently already signed three or four French players (Ba is usually referred to as French, despite playing for Senegal) who we know little about, and a Welsh left-back. Nolan is gone. Barton and Enrique are probably going. Jonas and Coloccini may well be going.

Hell, even the Fenham Eusebio has apparently started looking for new clubs (don’t worry if he does go – I can just adapt the ‘Sho(la)down‘ format for whoever we have up front next season. I have a range of possibilities, including: ‘Better than the Best?’, ‘Pharoah of the Nile?’ or, God forbid, ‘Addicted to Kuqi’).

But, as of now this is all just conjecture.

Nothing is really officially happening.

Which is why, dear reader, I will soon be taking you in my time machine (it only goes backwards, unfortunately. If it had went forwards I would already have a clear idea of when the sell by date on Sho(la)down will come, and what to replace it with).

Where will we be going, I hear you ask?


Ambitious? Not really. Although, given the science behind time travel, I would argue it is actually pretty impressive. And if you don’t agree, you can go chew on a brick (in the nicest possible way).

We’ll be going back to South Africa 2010.

Well, Berlin 2010.

Where I relive my memories* of watching World Cup football in Germany’s capital, exactly one year later.

Starting with Germany against England on June 27th. Watched in the heart of the beast itself: Fan Mile

Bring some clean underpants dear reader. Time travel can get messy.

*By reliving my memories, I mean copying and paste articles I wrote for True Faith‘s website under the tagline ‘Our Man in Berlin’. Please note, any time travel undertaken is done so at your own risk. Clean underwear will not be provided.

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