Abstiegskampf: Teil Zwei

…Or that feeling you get when you know you’ve blown your season…

The weekend didn’t work out brilliantly for the mighty Sportfreunde Berlin 06.

We threw away a lead to lose at home to Living Legends 2-1, despite having good chances. They are a good team, but didn’t create too many clear chances, instead trying to play extravagant patterns on the edge of our box, which we coped with well.

I ended up in goal as our goalkeeper just didn’t turn up. I had to borrow gloves from our tallest defender (he lived closest), and the size of them on my hands made it almost impossible to catch balls, as I quickly found out in the warm-up to my great annoyance. However, with a bit of tape they were a bit better once we kicked off.

But, anyway, based on that result, relegation is both likely and deserved. We have had plenty of chances to pull ourselves clear and haven’t taken them, so it is hard to feel too strongly about impending relegation. If we were good enough, we would not be where we were. It’s annoying, but deserved.

There is, however, a small hope as we go into Berlin Freizeitliga Survival Sunday (this Saturday):

The league table. Yesterday.

Habay are relegated. Friedenau play on Thursday, but need six points from their two games to have a chance to stay up, which is unlikely. Rudow are effectively safe, with their goal difference being far superior to ours and Prenzlauer Berg’s.

Basically, we fight it out with them on Saturday. We need to get more points than them due to their goal difference being better, so we need a positive result, and to hope that they don’t win or draw (unless we win).

So, what it comes down to:

09:00 Prenzlauer Berg – Grasshoppers Tegel

10:00 Sportfreunde Berlin – Medizin Friedrichshain I

We have a chance, but it is not in our hands. Unfortunately.

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